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Pure "n" - Pure 802.11n Performance

Need 802.11n access points, but not CleanAir or ClientLink 2.0?  
With Comstar 80211o2tb certified Pure "n" APs starting at under $200, you can add bandwidth to your network at a reasonable price point.

Options that fit.  Your network.  Your budget. 

Check out our Pure "n" lineup.

Cisco 1142 - "The Standard."  

Cisco's flagship 802.11n AP, with millions installed.  This 2x3 2 stream 802.11n AP, with integrated antennas, went end of sale in late 2013.  But they are still available through Comstar.  Why upgrade to a new AP if you have spent the last few years standardizing on these?    

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Cisco 1042 - "The Value."  

Long overlooked by the 1142, this 2x2 2 stream 802.11n AP, with integrated antennas, provides great performance with rock bottom pricing.  A great fit for performance or coverage upgrades.  

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Cisco 1252 - "The Pioneer."  

The original heavyweight (literally 5 lbs!) 802.11n AP.  If you are still supporting these in your network, why change?  Or if you need a performance upgrade in a warehouse environment, this is the perfect fit.  

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