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Cleaner Air - See All Your Options

See the full spectrum of choices with Comstar 80211o2tb Cleaner Air.


Check out our "CleanerAir" lineup.

RM3000M - "Super Air."  

With the 3600 AIR-RM3000M module, you can have "always on" monitoring, without sacrificing performance.

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Cisco 3500 - "Get Started."  

Cisco's first CleanAir enabled AP.  The 3500 offers solid 802.11n performance (2x3, 2 stream), and can be used in either full time monitor mode or spectrum expert connect mode.  And with the Comstar 80211o2tb rental program, you can put one in to test for interference as low as $35.

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Radio Upgrades - "Go a."

Have a legacy 802.11b/g network that is having interference problems?  Move users to the 802.11a band, and watch the air get clean.  

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