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New –B Domain for Cisco Aironet Access Points

-A Domain Access Points Discontinued  
Effective 06/02/2016, Cisco announced the end of US sales for all –A Domain Access Points.  What are your options?  

  1. Call Comstar.and take advantage of the great price performance of -A Domain AP's.  We have in stock for immediate shipment Genuine Cisco Excess recertified and previously installed –A domain Cisco Access points, including the popular AIR-CAP3702I-A-K9 and AIR-CAP2702I-A-K9 802.11ac high performance Access Points.
  2. Upgrade to WLAN Controller software to support the new –B domain. 
  1. Can I still use -A domain AP's in my network?
    • Yes.  Cisco AP's and WLC's that are in the -A domain category can continue to operate and even coexist with -B domain devices without any issues (per Cisco release notes and Cisco Mobility Blog "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Jim Florwick).
  2. What are the new capabilities in the new -B Domain AP's?
    • Use of 3 new channels in the 5Ghz band (120, 124, and 128).
    • Increased power levels and outdoor use now allowed for UNII 1 channels
Background and Timeline  
  1. 3/31/14 – FCC Rules Order 14-30 Adopted.
  2. 4/01/16 – Cisco announcement of new –B Domain Access Points.
  3. 4/19/16 – Cisco general release of WLAN Controller software
  4. 5/01/16 – Last day to order -A Domain AP's (orders restricted after this date).
  5. 6/02/16 – Deadline for Cisco shipment of all new  –A Domain AP's.