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New –B Domain for Cisco Aironet Access Points


With little notice, Cisco has announced the end of US sales for all –A Domain Access Points.  What can you do now?  

  1. Do a quick upgrade to WLAN Controller software to support the new –B domain.  If this is out of the question, go to option 2.
  2. Call Comstar.  We have in stock for immediate shipment Genuine Cisco Excess recertified and previously installed –A domain Cisco Access points, including the popular AIR-CAP3702I-A-K9 and AIR-CAP2702I-A-K9 802.11ac high performance Access Points.
Background and Timeline  


  1. 3/31/14 – FCC Rules Order 14-30 Adopted.
  2. 4/01/16 – Cisco announcement of new –B Domain Access Points.
  3. 4/19/16 – Cisco general release of WLAN Controller software
    1. With the announcement of the new –B Access points, the –A access points were changed to “previously used” part number status.  Typically this would be referred to as End of Sale/End of Life (EOS/EOL), which would allow for a 6 month transition period per the existing Cisco End of Life Policy.
  4. 5/01/16 – Last day to order -A Domain Access Points (orders restricted after this date).
  5. 6/02/16 – Deadline for Cisco shipment of all new  –A Domain Access Points.


  1. What are the new capabilities in the new -B Domain AP's?
    1. Use of 3 new channels in the 5Ghz band (120, 124, and 128).
    2. Increased power levels and outdoor use now allowed for UNII 1 channels
  2. Can I still use -A domain AP's in my network?
    1. Yes.  Cisco AP's and WLC's that are in the -A domain category can continue to operate and even coexist with -B domain devices without any issues (per Cisco release notes and Cisco Mobility Blog "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Jim Florwick).
  3. When will the -B Access Points be available?
    1. Comstar has in stock for immediate shipment Genuine New Sealed AIR-CAP3702I-B-K9's.